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On the following pages we want to give you an insight into our company,
CETM INTERNATIONAL TRADING GMBH, where you can learn more about our products and the trade mark LORADO.

Health benefits of the milk

Milk is an excellent source of nutrients like minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants, from which not only bones and teeth benefit, but also ist protein content can help reduce the loss of body mass due to age and promotes muscle repair after exercise.

Professionalism and cooperation

Our customer service orientation supported by years of practical experience and organizational skills is prepared to support requests of each market. We work together with our clients to find and recognize their needs.

About us

CETM INTERNATIONAL TRADING GMBH was founded in January of 2011 in Hamburg, Germany, with the aim to be one of the most professional, successful and attractive company dealing with dairy products. Our purpose is to establish CETM at the top of the market and attain a clear leadership with selected products and countries.
We are exporting milk products under our registered trade-mark LORADO. Milk products under the brand LORADO are known for highest quality and competitive prices. Our products are regularly controlled by the official veterinarian authorities. In many countries worldwide, LORADO is well known for more than 30 years.

It is our philosophy to develop and continue to set a long lasting business relationship together with exclusive importers in the various markets.

CETM’s office is located in Hamburg, Germany and from there we arrange all shipments for our clients to any part of the world. With a vast knowledge of the relevant licenses for each country or region and the logistics transit material, we can assist you with all your inquiries and requirements.

We also organize transport insurance, if this is requested by the client, as well as assistance with export formalities and procedures worldwide, including the preparation and legalization of shipping documents.

Milk Powder

CanNed Milk

Diverse packaging


Milk is one of the richest natural food sources and our dairy products not only offer a great taste experience, but also proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which are important for the health and well-being of people. We are passionate about milk, its derivatives and its many uses.

LORADO offers a full range of dairy products in consumer packaging. The product range is continuously being expanded. Product checks are carried out throughout the entire processing operation: on quality, taste and shelf life. Therefore LORADO products are always of the same high standard.

Quality above all

The achievement of high quality milk begins on the farm with controlled and adequate milking routines that combine daily practices and training of milkers. Dairies must observe many factors.

We guarantee that our suppliers are chosen knowing that they meet strictest requirements for food hygiene and safety. The final product that reaches our customers must have the best quality.

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CETM International Trading GmbH

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